As Summer is Winding Down…

…I’m reminded of how little of Life is in my control. Travel plans continue to be interrupted by more urgent, and arguably more important things. By order of importance, my father’s health has upstaged everything else. As I write this, he is in hospice.

The last weekend of July, my daughter and I went to visit him. Putting my arms around his frail, shrunken body was one of the most heartrending, and yet comforting events I’ve ever experienced. This man, who has been around for every one of my fifty-nine birthdays, may not get to see the sixtieth, just a month away. How does one prepare for this?

This coming weekend, I’ll make the ten hour drive, again. I’ll spend a couple of hours visiting with him, boondock in a parking lot somewhere, then see him again on Sunday morning, before heading back up here.

The theft of the original Stew Wagon set me back, in many ways. It hit my itinerary, my bank account, and my spirit. Now, though, a replacement vehicle is with my mechanic for evaluation (also hitting my itinerary and bank account). If it’s going to be my home, I’d like to begin with something reliable. Any major issues will be dealt with now, and others can be planned, for later.

I’m getting used to the new(ish) cameras. Some of my shots are pretty good. Nothing that I’d like to share, yet. Give me another week for that.

For now, though…

~Enjoy the Life you’re living.

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