These Days…

These days, my front yard is a mountain meadow, spread with wildflowers, trees, and plants I don’t know the names of. Some mornings, I wake to find a small gathering of elk munching their breakfast. Now and then, but rarely, a moose wanders through. There are rabbits and foxes, also. My back yard is a mountain, strong and woody. Friends have told me that they’ve seen a bear up there, but I never have. I have heard the chirping of a mountain lion in the night.

A brook ripples through the meadow, bringing music to match the birdsong that accompanies my meditation. The water is clear and cold.

My meditations are short, no more than a few minutes, focusing my day on the loveliness that surrounds me. Then I shave, comb my hair, walk around a bit and take in the scenery. Although it’s summer, the morning air is still cool and sometimes (like this morning) I need a jacket.

I love my meadow home. A few people think it’s crazy that I sleep in my car, even through the winter, way up here on the mountain. For me, though, it’s a wonderful way to keep myself sane.


For the past few days, a couple of young women have been camping in my spot, which I don’t mind. I think it’s marvelous that other people get to enjoy the same beauty that I do. So, I’ve been sleeping in different places along the county road. Last night, it was just near the top of Ute Pass. Here’s the view that I woke up to.


I am truly blessed.


In others news, I’ll be leaving for California tomorrow evening. I’m excited to go, because I havent seen the ocean in several years and I’m jonesin to get salt water up my nose and sand in my shoes.

I have made some tentative plans, as to where to go. Fiesta Island seems a popular place to meet other vehicle dwellers. So I’ll probably head over there first thing.

Then there’s Taco Tuesday at South Beach Bar and Grill. According to Google and Yelp!, it’s the place to go for tacos. Situated on the beach, with a view of the sunset, how could it be bad?

Also, I want to explore Old Town San Diego. There’s a tobacco shop called Racine and Laramie, and according to the website, it was founded in 1869! I want to find a nice pipe, for evenings in the meadow with a glass of wine, bourbon, or coffee. Some nice, handmade sandals are probably on the shopping list, as well, along with an artisan made coffee cup (for those nights with the new pipe and mornings with the elk).

Otherwise, I have a week to meander around SoCal. If I play my cards right, there will be lots of beach time.


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~Enjoy the Life you’re living!


First things first, I have to give a great big western “THANKS, PARDNERS!” to Colorado Tire and Service. I recharged my own AC, and it still wasn’t even cool. I called and asked for a ballpark quote to replace a compressor/collector combo. $700! I was bummed. The awesome thing is that they could have simply done what I asked and billed me, but instead, they did only what it needed and billed me for that…and it’s definitely COLD.   I was expecting a $700 bill. Instead, it was $161 for the recharge. I’m grateful

Also, I picked up a hitchhiker yesterday on County Road 3. It’s relatively untraveled, and in the fifteen months that I’ve been staying up here, he’s the only pedestrian I’ve seen. (Yes. We’re remote.) He’s headed to Dallas and needed a ride to I-70. As we drove along, he offered to buy me some gas. Naturally, I declined. As we approached town, he said, “Pull into a gas station. I’m gonna get you some gas.” I said, “You really dont need to. This is where I was going anyway.” He said, “I know that, but I want to do it.” So, at his insistence, I stopped at my usual place. When we stopped, he got out, walked around to the pump and filled me up. I’m grateful.

TRUTH: We must be as open to receive as we are to give. It’s the way things work.

Having said that, I am completely unprepared for California. No trunks, shorts, t-shirts or sandals. What have I been thinking? Wait! I’ve been living on a mountain in Colorado! (I’ll trade sand fleas for tics, I suppose.) Guess I’ll hit some thrift shops when I get there and set up a new wardrobe for the week. Maybe grab a souvenir hat. Yeah?


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~Enjoy the Life you’re living.


I love my life. Days are warm, the sun shines most of the time, and all of my views are like this one. Lately, I’ve been lazy getting out of bed, which is something I need to stop. (My bed is just so comfortable these mornings!)

I’ve been taking time for mindfulness, though. Each morning, I spend a few minutes listening to the sounds of the meadow. Birds, the brook, a breeze through the leaves; I let the scene impress itself onto my consciousness. Every day begins with peace. No expectations or hurry. Although I’m getting up late, I have allowed time for this.

At the moment, another trip is in the planning stage. This time to California. I have no real itinerary. Like everyone else, I’ll head straight for PCH and let Maggie drift. The trick is getting there. Leaving the mountain after work on the 22nd, I’ll drive to someplace in Nevada, then on into Cali on Friday. Before I can make the trip, though, I have to replace the AC compressor.


~Enjoy the Life you’re living.