Broken Phone Blues…

On Sunday morning, I woke up to find that my ancient old phone had finally given up and wouldnt turn on. Google offered some things to try, but nothing worked. It was just dead. So, I ordered a new one online. Now I wait……………

There are several sides to this phoneless thing. The surprising one is that it really doesnt affect the amount of time I have for other activities. In this time, I’ve discovered that I use my phone for about five things – GPS, google, text, talk, and photos.

Of those, the one I miss most is the camera. Although I have a couple of pro level cameras, the vast majority of my shooting is done impromptu, with my phone.

As an example, this morning I woke to a magical world. Overnight, clouds had settled themselves into low places between the mountains, and from my elevated viewpoint at the top of Ute Pass, I was able to gaze across the valley. It was splendid, but I didnt have time to dig out one of the big cameras. Ugh!


On Saturday, I presented a talk to a small group on the subject You Are Enough. It’s about the ways that Self-Image affects our lives and how we can change it.

Our whole lives are built around the way that we see ourselves. Good or bad, we believe what we tell ourselves.

If we believe that we’re marvelous, we’ll act in marvelous ways and life will respond in kind. Contrariwise, if we believe that we’re useless, worthless creatures, that’s the way we will act and probably the way our lives will be.

We can change our self-image, though. By developing a mental image of your happiest self, you can literally change the way you see yourself. When you do, you’ll act differently and your life will reflect that.


Thanks for following. Enjoy the Life you’re living.