Frisco at Night…

A few nights ago, I spent an evening in Frisco, Colorado. Did some photography and had dinner at a place named Moose Jaw . I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

Frisco is a cool little town. It sits between Silverthorne, Keystone, and Breckenridge. I dig it because it isn’t really a tourist town. You wont find a bunch of chain restaurants or fancy shops. It’s comfortable little place where you can get a room at the Hotel Frisco, and enjoy a laid back day or two in the mountains.


Moose Jaw is about what you’d expect in a small town like Frisco, dimly lit and warm. There’s definitely a western vibe, as you can see from the above shot. Inside, there’s a long bar on the left, and some close set tables on the right. Service was quick, and the food was served hot. My burger was called “The Truffle”, which has nothing at all to do with actual truffles. It’s a flavorful mushroom burger, and I enjoyed it completely. There was a photo, but it was just too dark. At one end of the bar were three or four couples, laughing and being generally romantic. The other end supported a group of guys who were swapping stories and bottles of beer. Overall, it was a good experience and I’ll definitely go back.


Here are some photos from around town.


If you have the opportunity, and don’t want the resort town vibe, you really should hit Frisco. It’s homey, but not stuck in another century.

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All Quiet…

It’s been a time of busyness, and stillness, in my life. There isnt a lot going on, and days are pretty much the same. A trip to South Carolina is on the itinerary for this weekend. My daughter and her family are there. After that, I’m not sure what the plan might be. There’s always someplace to go, I just need to decide where it will be. For January, I’m thinking about Mesa Verde and Cortez. I spent yesterday having coffee with a friend. It’s been a long time since a spent a whole day with one person. Last night, I took a couple of the grandgirls to a concert. Piano, clarinet and violin. Things like that are always good. On my jacket, is a US Army pin. It’s there in honor of the uncle who took the place of an older brother, in my life. They had questions, so I explained.

His given name was Marcus, but everyone called him “John”. At nineteen, he found himself as a door gunner on a chopper in Viet Nam. The mission was to extract a group of soldiers from a particular area. He didnt make it through.


There I stood, surrounded by strangers who had come to hear this beautiful music, crying and covering my face with a coat sleeve. Embarrassed? No. It’s good for kids to see the deeper part of their elders, and to know it’s okay to miss someone. I dont cry often, and I dont mourn. Sometimes, though, it just happens.

On an up note, the friend I spent the day with happens to be very photogenic, and enjoys being in front of the camera. We decided to meet up again, when I get back from SC, to do some shooting. If she’s cool with it, I’ll share some pics here, and on the new page – Don’s Private Portfolio.


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Inside the Stew Wagon…

In case you didnt know, VagabondStew has a YouTube channel (under the same name). There are several things there, but this is one of the most informative.

If you’ve wondered about Maggie’s interior, and how I’ve set things up, this is the video to watch.

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Fort Morgan

On a country road, it’s easier to be mindful and focus on the moment. I practiced, today, as I took a day trip to Fort Morgan, Colorado. Starting with my breathing, I slowed down, in and out deeply, several times. Afterward, I turned my attention to the road. As the lines moved toward and past me, I felt the movement of it rolling beneath Maggie’s wheels. Some areas were smooth. Others were cracked and rugged. The vast blue sky was empty of clouds, changing from cobalt overhead, to cerulean nearer the horizon. Around me stretched broad farmlands, amber and tan. Farm houses jutted from the fields, surrounded by protective trees, which provide shade in summer and much needed wind break in winter.

Breakfast was at a local restaurant named “Home Plate”, although it was actually lunch time. It’s the kind of place that you might expect in a small town. The building itself is kind of Southwestern style, but very open and well lit, with lots of tables. Definitely family owned, even the kids are busing tables and bringing out food. My meal was sausage patties, eggs, hash browns, biscuit and gravy, with coffee. It was all good. If you’re going to Fort Morgan, you might want to check it out.


Afterward, I mad a couple of passes up and down Main Street, where this couple was making the rounds in this beautiful carriage. I was trying to be stealthy, shooting through the windshield, but that lovely smile tells you that I got busted.

You can see in the photo that the street is decorated for the holidays. Maybe I’ll make another trip at night, when everything will be lit up. It took me a minute to figure out that Christmas carols were playing through speakers at each of the intersections. They only need some snow to make it a real Hallmark town. If it that happens, I may go back to see.

On my way back to Denver, I decided to jump off the main highway, and get back onto State Highway 52. After only a couple of miles, I saw these guys kicking up dust in a corral off the road. At first I drove by, but had to turn around and ask if I could make a few frames. Here as some of those shots.


This is why I love taking the back roads. If I’d stayed on 76, I’d have missed this. These are the things that resort travelers never get to experience.

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