What’s Going On…?

It’s a few days short of one month, since the last time I posted here. That doesnt mean nothing has happened. The truth is, there’s a lot to tell you about, but I’m kind of stuck. One of the things I need to replace is a power inverter, so I can run the laptop (bad battery) on the mountain. Also, there’s no connectivity up there, so I cant update until I’m in town. As a teaser, though, here’s a run down of some of the things I’ll be writing about.

The Stew Wagon is found!! Cameras have been replaced!! The Peruvian Blanket is recovered!! There’s a new vehicle on the horizon!!

Wait….Yep!!! I’ll be posting pics and sharing about my first trip in a totally different vehicle. While I still love the Stew Wagon, there are some things it doesnt do well, and I had to address them before winter.

So, stay tuned, dont forget to write, and as always…Enjoy the Life You’re Living.