Some Gratitude

There is a friend who reads my stuff, often before I share it with others. She’s an engineer and mom, with everything that goes along with that. (Note: Her husband is a great guy and they share domestic things pretty well.)

Recently, she said to me, “I want you to know that you’ve influenced me to start a gratitude journal with my seven year old son. Yesterday he was grateful for learning from his mistakes.”

How cool is that? What a lift! What kind of difference will that make, if he continues through his life? She couldn’t have told me anything nicer. I’m grateful.

>> I finished writing my first booklet, The Vagabond Rules. (They’re at the top of this page.) It should be available by the first of September. In the meanwhile, I’ll put up a page where you can read it. <<

Man, I love my life. I am so blessed by the people I know, and all the marvelous ways that God’s universe continues to respond.

To be honest, though, I’m ready for the change that’s coming. Dont know what it is, but it will be good.

The days are already getting shorter and before long I’ll be waking up in the dark again. The prospect of that is a little depressing. I love seeing the stars and the moonlit mountains, but I need sunlight.

Speaking of that, I’m planning another trip to San Diego, for my birthday. Originally, I’d planned to fly to Tokyo and summit Fuji, but that isn’t going to happen this year. It’s been over a year since I went to Cali, so I’ll make it a consolation trip.

Thanks for all the support. Every one of you is amazing. Know that. Own it.