A Thing I Have Learned…

Have you ever spent a long time, I mean several weeks or months, living away from town? Maybe it was working at a summer camp, or a military assignment. If you have, what was it like? Did you get more comfortable being in the wild? Many people do. What you are experiencing is a reconnection with the real Creation.

Over the centuries, we have effectively created an Artificial Reality. We live in concrete structures, and occupy ourselves with things that only Humans do. Our goals are strictly temporal, and we no longer participate in the flow of Life on this planet. In fact, we strive to separate ourselves from it, more and more. This seems normal, because it’s happened so slowly, but it isnt. When we get away from that artificiality, and begin to fit back into the natural world, we experience something almost revelatory. What’s really surprising, is  when we start to understand the intricate and fragile systems that exist to keep things functioning correctly. We know why there are different kinds of trees, and why Kudzu has taken over so much of the South. These things, and more, etch themselves into our awareness, and we know that we’ll never see things the same way again.

Then you hear lifestyle critic in a tie say, “You just dont understand how the Real World works”, and you realize that he’s the one who doesnt get it…and you used to be like that.

Here’s a Heads-up: The real world doesnt use money. It doesnt run on petroleum, and it measures success in contentment, not position and possessions. The really hard part is trying to fit into this Artificial Reality, after you’ve experienced the real thing.

That’s my bit for today. Get out of town. Get into Creation, and most of all, Keep your Go on.

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