The Stew Wagon

After the last post, you may have wondered how the Stew Wagon is set up for travel. Here’s an inside view. Interior Rear View of the Stew Wagon

You can see that there’s ample room for one person to sleep, with lots of storage on the other side, for my sleeping bag, a blanket, and paper towels. Behind the plastic crate, is another one that holds several books and notebooks, some TP, and a couple of smaller items. Underneath the bed is more storage for a big, Peruvian blanket, cooking utensils, and some dry foods. You can see that the rear, side windows are covered with Reflectix. The roll in the center, and the bits that you see above my pillow, are used to cover the other windows when I bed down.


Here’s the view from the other direction.

I usually enter from the front passenger side. That way, I’m not dragging my dirty shoes across my bed.


When I wake up, I just fold the mattress over, slip the platform extension underneath, and fold the seat up. To anyone looking in, it’s just a passenger car, with some jackets hanging on a hook.


Another time, I’ll show you how I cook while I’m on the road. In the meantime, enjoy Life and keep your Go on.

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