Missed Opportunity…

Yesterday was the day of the Great American Eclipse. Many thousands, if not millions, of people crossed the country, borders, and even oceans, to see it. Photographers, both amateur and professional, turned their lenses to the sky, to capture the the most unique astronomical event of their lives.

Me? I was working at a Molybdenum mill. I’m not complaining, though. The pay is good, and I got to see a partial eclipse, projected onto a Post-It Note, through a pinhole in another one.

What I did miss, though, was the opportunity to photograph all those people. A few hours north, in Wyoming, the view was total, and people flocked there to see. People of all types, colors, beliefs and disbeliefs. It was a veritable Woodstock, without music, but with plenty of other enhancement, I’m sure. (I understand that a pot shop in Portland was selling a new strain called “Moon Puppies”.)

The Woodstock reference wasnt just literary. Traveling to one of the small towns along the “Path of Totality” might have been remarkable. I imagine roadside diners filled with divers customers, streets teeming with pilgrims, vandwellers, RV dwellers, hitchhikers, cowboys, businessmen, and hippies. Yes, my imagination is fertile, and it tells me that I missed a marvelous human gathering, and a chance to capture it through my lens. Oh well. There will be other gatherings.

A friend and I were talking about that. Last summer, I covered several festivals, which is documented on this blog. This year? Zilch. It isnt that I’m disinterested. My life is out of whack, with so many personal things going on, and I honestly havent had time for them. Lots of places have Fall and Winter festivals, though, so I’ll be able to do some of that.

In the meantime, my dad continues to hang on. His condition is slowly deteriorating. Every morning, I wake up wondering if this will be the day I get The Call. When I do, it will mean one last trip to Oklahoma. Then, I probably wont go back again.

For now, though, thanks for following. Please, share what you like. Most of all, though…

~Enjoy the Life you’re living.

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