“Daddy’s Gone…”

These are the words I heard on Wednesday night, and with them, another chapter of my life closed. My mother died on the Friday after Thanksgiving. So, now there’s no one between me and eternity. I’m next in line, waiting for my number to be called. Somebody hand me the little buzzer with flashing lights, and let me know when my table is ready.

I shared it on FB, and a very dear friend wrote “ Look at your role as the ancient one in your family and take it up bravely, outrageously, and deliberately.” Perhaps, I will do that, especially the “outrageously” part.

For some time, my life has been on hold, waiting for things to happen. My father’s passing was a big one. The things that are left, are to pay off the little debt that I have, do an actual conversion of the Stew Wagon, and learn to make money on the road. I think I can do all of these over the winter.

That doesnt mean I wont be traveling in the meantime. I certainly will. It just means that I wont be doing those long trips yet.

For now though, thanks for reading, sharing, and liking. Please, as long as you can…

~Enjoy the Life you’re living.

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