Soooo Ready

Two weeks from today, I’ll be on the beach in San Diego! Cant even express how ready I am for this trip. My first surf lesson will be behind me and I’ll be working on my tan.

While it’s hot here in Colorado, the air is changing and I know that it will be cold here soon. Mentally, I’m prepared for that. Emotionally, though, I’m just not.

What if we skip winter and head right on into spring. We skipped spring, after all, or maybe we just postponed it and skipped summer. Either way, I’m not ready to bundle up.

Knowing that fall is knocking on the door, with winter right behind, I’m looking forward to some beach time, and San Diego is the place to get it. i

So, I’ve scheduled some touristy things, but left most of my time open to whatever may happen.

Surf lesson? Check.
Whale watching tour? Check.
Night sky viewing in the desert? Check.

The rest is unknown. I’ll probably visit Racine and Laramie, the little tobacco shop that I went to last time, and definitely do South Beach Bar and Grill, in Ocean Beach. Up the street is Jungle Java. They’re all places that I want to return to.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying the final days of summer up here in the high country.

Enjoy the Life you’re living.

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