Opening to Change

Life is about change. We’re safe and warm in a cozy little womb, then -BANG- out into the big world we come, and from then on it never stops until we do.

Sometimes, we need things to change, but it can be hard to open up and let things happen. Life is predictable and we’re comfortable where we are.

That’s me, right now. I realize, though, that the world is spinning and I’m not really moving with it. So, it’s time to get things rolling. (I used to use the word Geronimo at times like this, but I don’t know how the chief would feel about that.)

We’re moving into fall now, up here on the mountain. It’s the time when I get introspective, and sometimes morose. Bleh.

Mornings are dark and cool, but not cold. I can still greet the day without a shirt. On the other hand, though, I sometimes need a jacket in the evening. When the sun goes down, a wind comes up and brings a chill.

I’ve begun working to befriend a little fox. We’ve gotten to the place where it will accept food from me, but still keeps distance. Photos might be upcoming.

It began as a simple gaze, watching one another sit. Not long ago, though, the fox got curious and walked a circle around me a few times. Then I brought some food.

I don’t bring food every time, but often. Don’t want the thing to become dependent. A little treat, now and then, to keep it interested. Now we’re getting closer. It’s a fun experiment.


I’m a couple of weeks away from another trip to San Diego. Man, I love that place. Part of the change that I refer to in the title, is that it will be a hub for me soon.

No plan, yet. No idea how it’s going to happen, but it is. Very soon, I will spend a large portion of my time there.

Paonia is Hub 2. I’ve been visiting there a lot, over the past few months, and am beginning to develop some relationships there.

You may ask, Why? What are you’re working toward? In a word, Independence. I have a good measure of it now, but I’m still tied to a calendar. The freedom to move on whenever I like is still out of reach, but it’s coming.

On this trip to San Diego, I’ll learn to surf, do a whale watching tour, visit the Salton Sea and Joshua Tree. As always, my motto for San Diego is – Every day at the beach!

Living the Dream!

Truth is, my life is good. When I ask someone, How’s life? or How are you doing?, a lot of times they answer, sarcastically, Oh, just livin’ the dream! You know what? I am.

I wake up in a beautiful place every morning, eat well, meet good people, and I get to travel a bit. How many people around this world would trade places with me?

Also, I’m making a difference. People tell me that they’re beginning to meditate, or keeping a gratitude book. Lives are improving, and I’m a part of that.

Honestly. My complaints are few and small, while my blessings are many and great, and I am grateful.

Every day, I am grateful.

I used to feel like George Bailey, from It’s A Wonderful Life. Trapped in a life that was out of control. Feeling used up and useless. How things can change, yeh?

Enjoy the Life you’re living.

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