I love my life. Days are warm, the sun shines most of the time, and all of my views are like this one. Lately, I’ve been lazy getting out of bed, which is something I need to stop. (My bed is just so comfortable these mornings!)

I’ve been taking time for mindfulness, though. Each morning, I spend a few minutes listening to the sounds of the meadow. Birds, the brook, a breeze through the leaves; I let the scene impress itself onto my consciousness. Every day begins with peace. No expectations or hurry. Although I’m getting up late, I have allowed time for this.

At the moment, another trip is in the planning stage. This time to California. I have no real itinerary. Like everyone else, I’ll head straight for PCH and let Maggie drift. The trick is getting there. Leaving the mountain after work on the 22nd, I’ll drive to someplace in Nevada, then on into Cali on Friday. Before I can make the trip, though, I have to replace the AC compressor.


~Enjoy the Life you’re living.

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