Feeling Much Better…


It’s surprising what a difference just two weeks can make. Now that the days are noticeably longer, and I’m waking up to a little bit of light, my attitude has become so much better. Although I’m generally a pretty positive person, sunlight in the morning is a powerful booster.

Last night, I was able to get back down to the meadow and sleep. The road is some distance away, and higher up, so the sounds of passing vehicles dont reach me. Getting up was easier as I anticipated the scene that waited just outside my door. When the alarm came on, I removed the curtain and lay still, gazing at the trees that surround the place. Sitting quietly, my bare feet on Maggie’s running board, I listened to the brook and birdsong, enjoying the cool air against my skin. First time I’ve been able to do that since the autumn.


Today, I’m in a nostalgic mood. Listening to Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” has me missing the sunny 70s and California. There’s a story about Sunset Boulevard, a billboard with that album cover, and a woman in a see-through blouse, but I wont share it now. What I will say, is that I’m ready to make the trek back to PCH for a few days. The trip is slated for the last week of June. There will be pics and some video, so stay tuned.


In the meantime, I’ll be checking out Silverthorne’s next door neighbor, Dillon. It’s a little further up from the interstate, but seems to have a bit more local feel. There’s Pug Ryan’s Brewery, Arapahoe Cafe’ and Pub, along with a couple of thrift stores . I should have broadened my experience before, but winter kind of put me into a rut. Now that spring has sprung, I’m feeling more adventurous.


That’s all for today. Thanks for following. Remember the Vagabond Rules:
Dont Worry. Be Grateful. Be a Blessing.

~Enjoy the Life you’re living.



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