Just Stuff…

Here’s a shot of Silverthorne, from the Dillon Dam Road. This is a shot that I’ve wanted to make for quite some time. Sometime soon, I’ll make the drive a little later and get it with a tripod and the Mk ii.

Yesterday, after work, I drove into Silverthorne. There’s a Tuesday Morning store there, and I often browse around, just because it has a lot of groovy things. I gravitate first to the aisle where kitchen tools are kept. Generally speaking, I dont purchase any, but I like to see what they have. Another thing I dig, is to walk through the food section. There are things I’d love to keep aboard, jams and marmalades, but this is bear country and I’m not interested in night visitors. That isnt to say I’ve never had any.

During this past mating season, a male moose left his mark on my door. A local lion prowls around, from time to time, chirping and giving the occasional growl. One night, as I lay in bed, something tweaked my radio antenna. It isnt unusual to hear the shuffling of feet in the night. Bears, however, are a different thing. They’re big, and incredibly strong, and persistent. If one thinks there’s food in the car, it could be a dangerous situation.

Having lived in this forest for a year, I’ve seen a lot of creatures – fox, deer, elk, rabbit, even moose, but no bears. I’ve not see the lion, either, for which I’m grateful.

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