In the past year, my life has become Livable. The pace has slowed, and stress is minimized, but not gone. Every night, I sleep well, and mornings are pleasant. Running was good.


That’s right. I ran…away…but not blindly (which was what I’d considered). For several months, I worked to convert a 1999 Ford Explorer into some kind of travel vehicle. It wasn’t a full-time thing, of course. Travel was often done on a whim, or in conjunction with some event (see Balloon Fiesta!). Modifications to the vehicle were made as time, money, and inspiration came to me. I was testing my wings.

In March of 2017, a temporary job opportunity came up at a mill in the White River National Forest. I took it, both as an experiment in long-term vehicle dwelling, and as a way out of the situation I was living in. I ran away from my life and embraced something completely new. That was just over a year ago, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done

What do I mean by Harmony? I mean that all the pieces of my life now work together, like parts of a song. The temporary job became permanent, which I fought myself about. I really didn’t want a permanent job, but it has been a blessing. Surprisingly to some, living out of a vehicle suits me very well. Leaving the city put distance between me and the things that used to spontaneously burn my time, now it is my own.

Sleep comes to me quickly these days. Last night, I stood on a mountainside, under uncountable stars, listening to a stream ramble through a snowy meadow, and felt more at home than I ever have in the city. After a few minutes, I climbed into my bed, in the back of the Stew Wagon and slept. Generally speaking, three minutes is about how long it takes me to fall asleep.

Gratitude also comes easy. Sometimes, I feel silly thinking about all the things I’m grateful for, because they are often the same as the day before. Good people in my life. New knowledge and new awareness of who I am. Peace that permeates every moment of my days. A soft, warm bed.


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