Coming Out of Darkness…

Winter has pulled so much out of me. Recent mornings, it was hard to get out of bed, and I wasn’t very enthusiastic about my work. Yesterday and today, though, have been different. When the Reflectix came off the windows, I could see treetops outlined against brightening blue sky. Stepping out Maggie’s door, there was earth under me, instead of snow. Didn’t even need a jacket as I did my morning chores, a shirt was enough. These things have helped my attitude, a lot.

It’s a little after noon, and as I write this snow has begun to fall. Snow doesnt bother me very much, though. In the spring, we’ll get six or eight inches overnight, and it melts off the next day.


Some new ‘Mods’ have been made to the Stew Wagon. Some other day, when the weather is a little more settled, I’ll make a new video. In the meanwhile, I’ll tell you about them, and share some pics.

First, I added these nifty tie-down anchors. They’re actually from an old Christmas tree stand, but they threaded right into the holes where the roof rack track used to be. (The rack was stolen when Maggie went missing.) If your overhead storage rarely moves, I dont see why you couldn’t remove a couple of the screws and do the same thing.


Second, I made a “Skinny Desk” from a cedar fence slat. It reaches from my bed frame to the rear passenger side door. I was a little worried that it might not be wide enough to provide good support to the laptop or my drawing box, but it works very well. It’ll be on the video. I’m comfortably warm, right now and dont care to go outdoors.


Maggie Needs Shocks and Struts!


I knew it was coming, and getting worse, but didn’t realize that we’d reached this point. Things have begun to fall apart. 😐 A dry place to work, and a second set of hands would make this do-able, but under the circumstances, I’ll be turning her over to the capable folks at Colorado Tire and Service on Thursday.


Thanks for following.

~Enjoy the Life you’re living.


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