VagabondStew Cover Photo…

Have you ever looked at the cover photo for this page? There’s a lot going on. It’s just one shot, not a composite, but look at the jumble of folks that are captured there. The obvious focal point is that guy with the rainbow bicycle. On the far left, though, is a group of young people enjoying a song. Then, there’s a guy who looks like Barack Obama, walking away. On the far right, is a guy with a great big smile. It just seems like a really happy moment on 16th Street.

Life is like that, and it’s what VagabondStew is about. It’s a mashup of people and stories, photos and philosophy. I dig getting people involved, and writing about the marvelous things they do.

That’s all. Just some thoughts on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Have a great day. Thanks for reading, sharing, liking and commenting.

~Enjoy the Life you’re living.

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