Feeling Good…

I had a really fine weekend. There were no Stew Wagon or homeowner projects, so things were very laid back. I met some remarkable people. Spent time with a couple of friends. Also, a few articles that had been waiting, got read. It’s been a long time since I felt truly relaxed when I went  back to work.

Snow fell on the west side of the Divide, while I was gone. Coming back up, last night, roads were good, until I started up County Road 3, to the Meadow. It was mostly snow packed and icy. The hill down to the meadow was treacherous, so I turned off the Overdrive and did a lot of brake management. Maggie has new snow tires and handled it well. Once I’d got her situated, I stepped out into the wonderful blue powder, enjoying that sound that only fresh, frigid snow makes. I didn’t hurry to do evening preparations (covering windows, stowing loose things), as I wanted to savor the moment. Deer and rabbit tracks crossed the level place, as did some hunter’s boot prints. Surrounding trees wore a new frosting. Looking back, along path of the little stream, the scene was idyllic.  I was again stricken by the marvel that this is where I get to stay.

If I were smart, I’d lie and tell you that it was horrible, and how much I hate this place. After all, the more I say about it, the more people will want to come here. My response to that is that there are lots of national parks and forests. Just get out there and find a place that you love, and enjoy it. I’m blessed to have this place, and to work in such a marvelous setting. If you’d like to join me, the mill is hiring, and there’s a whole forest to pick your spot in.

Once again, thanks for reading, commenting, liking and sharing.

~Enjoy the Life you’re living.


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