Imaginary Photos…

Every photographer has them. They’re the ones you didn’t shoot. Things you saw while you were doing something else. Unusual light, falling in an familiar place. People doing amazing things, when you don’t have your camera.  Faces.

This week, there was a young electrician contracted at the mill. She is beautiful, with pale blue eyes, like shadows on snow. The subject of photography came up, and I told her that I’d like to get her in front of my camera. “Yeah. I did that once”, she said, “but didn’t like it.” In another setting, I might have given a little more effort, but a work environment isn’t that place. Although her job here is finished, and I probably wont see her again, my mind holds images of her dirty face and blonde hair, underneath a hard hat, and those blue eyes looking out. I may not have gotten the shot, but I have the Imaginary Photo.

The shot above is of a face painter at a Cinco de Mayo festival, a couple of years ago. She and a partner had set up a small table on the grass, with a money jar. They were doing faces for five dollars each. I was there all day, and their line never stopped. I asked if I could take some photos for my blog, and they gave me permission. This is, I think, the best of the lot.

A couple of things come out of this, for me. First is, there will always be missed opportunities. When they appear, take a moment to click that Imaginary Photo. You’ll be glad for it, later on. Also, if you’re able to shoot, but need to ask, don’t be afraid. Just walk up and do it. Sometimes, you’ll get lucky, like I did with the face painters.

The world is full of beauty. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll see it.

In the meanwhile, thanks for commenting, liking and sharing.

~Enjoy the Life you’re living.

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