Yep. That’s what I need…or at least, that’s what some people say. I’m sixty years old, living in my car, in the woods. I’ve spent a lot of money and time outfitting the vehicle for long term dwelling. What kind of person does that?

Short answer: A lot of people.

Thing is, Normal people dont get us. We’re creatives. We need space, beyond walls and ceilings. We do things just to see what happens. We enjoy being alone. Our goals and ideas, most often, are not monetary or material.

Normal people arent like that. They do The Right Thing, learning to sit still, and stay in their seats. They get jobs, buy houses, and put down roots. After they’ve worked three quarters of their lives away, if they’ve saved enough money, they retire. They generally live for a few more years. Maybe they do some of the things they couldnt do while they were working. Then they die.

People who dont want to be like that need therapy.

Really? Was I created and put on this planet, to get a job? Somebody once said to me, “You dont understand how the real world works.” That person truly believes that all the buildings, roads, economic ventures, internet and social media are, to use his words, The Real World. He doesnt understand that they are part of a false reality that we have created for ourselves.

Here’s an experiment. Imagine a planet where there were never any people. The birds are there, along with all the other animals. Trees, waterfalls, mountains and desert, all exist, as they always have. Clouds gather, and it rains. Sun shines and plants grow. Across the face of this planet, there is only peace, apart from the violence of day-to-day survival. War has never ravaged the jungle. Bulldozers have never reconstructed the ground.

That is the real world. Somehow, our species has forgotten. We build and destroy, just to make things to play with. Very few of the things we make actually serve any purpose. They only serve us. We’ve turned our existence into an endless game of Global Monopoly, and when we are gone, none of it will mean anything. The Universe will spin on, never having noticed us, at all.


If you dont understand, you’re probably pretty Normal. If you do, you’re gonna need therapy.

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~Enjoy the Life you’re living.

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