Free Day at Denver Botanic Gardens…

Even when there’s not an eclipse, one can still enjoy a late summer day in a garden. Denver Botanic Gardens boasts over 23 acres of beautifully maintained gardens and quiet areas. No matter what you’re after, a lunch nook or some peaceful shade, there’s a place to get comfortable.  Naturally, a free day means lots of people, but the place is spacious enough that it wasnt crowded. This particular free day fell when most kids are already back in school, so the vibe was peaceful, at times, almost hushed. There were lots of couples, cameras, strollers, and hats. Skies were clear and sunny.

A couple of friends and I found a very convenient parking space, just across from the entrance. Gathering our gear (in my case, the MKii, 24-105mm and a 50mm), we crossed York Street and went inside, cameras at the ready.

Now, I need to apologize to you. As noted in a previous post, I havent covered any events this summer, so my brain was in Tourist, rather than Journalist mode. Consequently, I didnt do many frames of my surroundings. No shots of the entrance. Very few of the grounds. Glancing at the contact sheet last night, it appears that I was mostly interested in the flora and fauna. Nor did I do any video, at all. I really need to get back on my game.

Also, I’ll take this moment to repeat how much I appreciate women. On a sun-filled day, women are prone to bedeck themselves in marvelous ways. Broad hats, bright colored dresses or blouses, and all manner of flowing garments were not unusual.  Men, on the other hand, tend to be less demonstrative, in khaki shorts, long socks, golf shirts, and ugly hats. Not surprisingly, this is less inspiring to my inner artist.

These two young women agreed to pose for me, as we had run into each other a couple of times. One lives here in the Denver area. Her friend is visiting from Austin, and was glad to be far away from the deluge in that city.

Patricia and Michelle 2

My friends, Eldon and Joe, helped make it a good day. There are more pics below. Thanks for following, liking, and sharing.

~Enjoy the Life you’re living.


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