Just a Quick Update…

As you know, the Stew Wagon was stolen on June 13/14, along with everything in it. That includes a lot of things – cameras and equipment, camping gear (bags, stove, etc.), my big Peruvian blanket ( I nearly cry over this one), sleeping mat, and a bunch of other things. Seems like I think of something else almost every day.

So, I’m starting over. I was able to procure another vehicle, which I really love. I’ll tell you more later. She’s in the shop, and will probably need to have a few more things done before she’s in top shape, bit I think you’re going to love her, too.

I’ve also found a photographer who is switching from DSLR to mirrorless technology. She’s out of town until tomorrow, but I anticipate picking up a new shooting rig sometime very soon.

People have said things to me like, “Why arent you angry? I’d be so mad!” Here’s the thing. If you believe in God, and that everything in the universe is His, then you realize that nothing truly belongs to you. You dont work to own a thing. You work for the use of it. It still belongs to Him. This understanding makes it a lot easier to accept things that happen in my life. I cant really get upset, if He wants to reallocate His own things. I just say, thanks for letting me use it; now, what do we do moving forward?

Have a great week. Enjoy the Life you’re living.

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