No more Stew Wagon…

Last night, owing to unusual circumstances, the Stew Wagon was left unlocked on the street in a Denver suburb. I woke up early this morning to find it missing. The worst thing, though, is that all my things are in it. Basically, I’m starting all over. I’ll have more time to reflect on this later.

What’s really amazing to me, is my own response. I’m not angry or upset, at all. There is a calm within me. Knowing that it’s just another thing in life, and seeing it that way, allows me to process it on a completely different level than if I took it personally.

What I mean is, this isnt some punishment from God, or payback Karma for something I did. It’s just a random event that could have happened to anyone (and frequently does). Of course, it’s a major inconvenience, but no one’s life is in danger. The future of the world isnt at stake. Honestly, there’s nothing to get upset about. You accept what is, and move on.

That’s it for me today. Thanks for following. Enjoy the Life you’re living.

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