Thursday Morning Musings…and Photos

I know, I shared this image of the Stew Wagon yesterday, but it kind of captures how I’m feeling about things, right now. I’m out in the wilderness, with all my stuff, ready for another adventure.

So far, the day has been relaxed for me, here at the mill. There was a dusting of snow, as usual, when I woke up. We’ve received an inch or so more, as we approach nine o’clock. People coming in from lower elevations (read Denver) tell me that the highway is closed at Eisenhower Tunnel. That’s always fun for people driving up.

The Eisenhower/Johnson tunnels cut through the midst of the Rockies, right at the Continental Divide. If you watch closely driving through, you’ll see a marker that indicates exactly where that is. The tunnels were built to make east/west passage easier for motorists. Until their completion in the 1970s, travelers had to take Vail Pass, which is a longer, more complex (curvy), and slower route. At one point, over a thousand people were working on their construction. In all, it took eleven years to complete them both. The 1.7 mile trip will take you about two minutes. If you prefer the scenic route, you can still drive over Vail Pass. It’s a beautiful drive, and you wont be sorry.

Here are a few pics I did in a short snowfall, yesterday.

That’s it for me, today. Enjoy the life you’re living.

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