Brief Update and Thoughts…

Had a little snow overnight, but nothing to talk about. The wind, though!, rocked the Stew Wagon like a train car, waking me several times through the night. By morning, it had calmed down, and we were left with lovely white trees. There is no small snow mover, so this is what happens, even for an inch or two.

This photo, and a few other recent ones, have been taken with my Droid Turbo 2. I’m learning to use it, and getting better, as mobile photography seems to be carving its way into the mainstream. To shoot, I use an app called Open Camera, and for editing, I use SnapSeed. Both are available in the Play Store.

As I’m shooting, I hear Joel Sartore’s voice telling me to look for, or wait for, The Shot. That’s the one with something extra. For example, this morning I could have simply shown you the snowy trees and mountain across the valley. With that big loader out there, though, it seemed like a much more interesting shot to include it.

As I’m out shooting the landscapes here, I often struggle with that. Henri Cartier-Bresson liked to find a scene, set up his camera, and wait for something to happen. I’m tempted to do that here. There are a couple of places where I see lots of animal tracks, so I know there’s traffic. The Big Unknown is timing. Is there a particular time of day when this traffic is happening? Probably. If I decide to try this tactic, I’ll just have to be patient.

Another hazard is the snow itself. Sometimes, on cant tell how deep it is. Of course, this isnt the Arctic, so I’m not going to fall down some bottomless crevasse. Still, stepping unawares into a six foot drop can be dangerous, too.

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Meanwhile, enjoy the life you’re living.


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