Snow and Other Things…

It’s snowing again, up here at the mill. Yesterday, I had to use the A/C in the Stew Wagon. Another marvelous thing about where I live.

The framework that you see at the top of this photo, is a portion of a giant conveyor. It moves Molybdenum fifteen miles, from the foot of Jones Pass, through a mountain, and on to this facility, on Grand County Road 3. Built in 2000, it is the largest conveyor of its kind. Here at the mill, the raw ore is refined for use in metallurgy, lubrication, and other applications that I dont even know about.


So, what am I doing boondocking at the top of a mountain pass in a National Forest, and working at a Moly mill? Short answer: Saving up.

There’s some extended travel on my agenda and a monetary stash is always advisable. When someone mentioned that the mill needed a temporary person, and the pay rate, I took advantage. With no overhead – sleeping in the Stew Wagon in the indescribable heart of the Rockies – it was a No-Brainer.

Three weeks in, I’m happy.

Although the weather has kept me from some of the hiking and exploring that I’d planned to do, I’ve still been able to paint and shoot a lot of photos. That’s the immediate payoff. The long-term benefits will include some National Parks, meet-ups with Internet friends, ocean-side drives, and dozens of other things along the way.

Would you believe that only a year ago I was ready to cash it all in and die? If you’re feeling that way, drop me a note on the contact page. Let’s talk about it.

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