First Week Done…


Well, Week One is done, and it was a mixed bag. The first two days, it snowed, which made me not want to get out, at all. There were some things that I wanted from the store, so I drove the seventeen miles into town, and stayed until dark.

Since I have to be on-site at 6:00 AM, the first nights were fitful. You know what I mean. Waking up every hour, because I might sleep through the alarm. ( I have two, but still…) Finally, on Wednesday night, I slept all the way through.

Wednesday afternoon was excellent. After I got off work, I went back down to the place where I’ve been sleeping, and got a few frames with the Pentax. Didnt get far off the road, though. I’ll save that for drier, warmer days. In the meantime, here are some of the shots I got. Enjoy.

(Yes, this is where I wake up, every morning. Only thing is, it’s dark, so I dont get to see it. It’s a bit better than a hotel parking lot, yeh?)

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