New Lodgings…


Today, I moved to the Arapaho National Forest, where I’ll be staying for a while. I’ve taken a temporary position, working at the Henderson Mill, just outside Silverthorne, Colorado. It’s a six week gig, covering for someone who’s on maternity leave. If you’ve never visited the National Forests of Colorado, you really should. These are some pics I took, along the road up to the mill.



The job lets me off at 4:00 every day, so there will be lots more of them, plus paintings!! I’m so excited to be able to paint, again. If you’ve read my bio, you’ll know that I’m an artist, but I haven’t been working for about three years. Besides earning money for my next long trip, one of the major goals for the next few weeks will be to paint every day. That should bring me back to form, in a hurry.

That’s important, because my next trip will take me to visit my artist friends, Dan Beck (North Carolina) and E. Melinda Morrison (Texas). It’s always a drag when I visit other artists, but cant paint because I’m out of practice. It’s happened more than once.

Dan is one of my best friends. We were introduced by another best, Eldon Warren, who is an impressive artist in his own right. Although we’ve had some rambling and deeply explorative conversations, I honestly don’t remember the first time I met either one of them. When it comes to painting, they both have been tremendously influential and inspiring to me.



On a local note, this is where I had dinner, tonight. If you’re in the Silverthorne area, you should check out Fritangas. I had the Relleno Plato, with both soft and crispy rellenos. It was excellent.

That’s it for this post. Enjoy life, and keep your Go on!


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