The camper’s 12 volt systems were checked, today. All the interior lights, fans, and other equipment, work fine. That’s the first major milestone. Next, will be to replace the battery that runs those systems. The current one is done for. After that, we’ll check the 110 systems. Then, the ignition switch has to be replaced. Once that’s done, and we know everything functions, I’ll replace all the fluids. Finally, the tires will have to be replaced. Although they have good tread, there’s no way to tell how old they are. Evidently, they were made before date codes were in use.

Once all of this is done, she should be road worthy. The goal is to have her running by the first of May, when I head to Louisville.  It would be a lot more comfortable than the Stew Wagon. While I love the Wagon, more space would be a bonus on an extended trip.

That’s it for now. Enjoy life, if you can. Keep your Go on.


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