The past few weeks have been a time of re-connection, as people from my past life begin to emerge from the ether. It’s a strange thing, to speak to them again, after so much struggle and change. I’ve heard it said that you pick up where you left off. That has not been the case. None of us are the same. We each have faced our own flames, and been transformed by the process.

Today, we all are on the doorstep of new futures. Our paths may run together, for a while, but they will be parallel, not the same.

Personally, I’m just opening up. There is no agenda, apart from places that I want to go. Of course, I will meet interesting people. We’ll share stories, laughter and tears. There will be enough helping to go around. My heart is longing for those days.

Some people cling to the past. They’re keen to pass down the traditions of the elders, carrying the torch from those generations to the next. I am not one of them. Let the past be the past, is what I say. Look to the future and enjoy every day that comes. You can never go back.

Oh, there’s nothing wrong with a little reminiscing. Stories about “The Old Days” are entertaining, and educational. I just dont care to drag those things along as I continue this journey. They can be wind in my sails, but never an anchor.


Dont be misled by my view to the future. I am, by no means, excited about the direction of Humanity. I’m talking about my personal path. As a species, I continue to be perplexed by our unending desire to separate ourselves from the Creation that surrounds us. We live in a majestic and mind blowing world. Rather than embrace it, though, we look at it as a planet sized repository of things that we can use, without forethought or reflection. While I love people, individually, I tend to dislike Humanity as a whole.

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