Still working…

I havent gotten back to the RV since I last posted. The owners of the property, where it’s parked, have given me permission to work on it, in place. That means I can get all of the fluids and filters changed, etc., before I have to move it. What a relief that is.

New Projects

There are a couple that I think you’ll be interested in. One is called a DoodleBoard, and will be a great thing to sell on the road. Cant wait to show it to you.

The other is more philanthropic. Wines for Humanity is a marvelous way to make a difference to people in your neighborhood. Doing wine tastings in people’s homes, I raise funds for charity. Although I took last year off, in 2015, my friends and I were able to raise enough for over 10,000 meals. That’s substantial. Beginning a few days ago, I began working to see what we can do in 2017.


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