Four months is too long, and a lot has happened…

It’s surprising, how quickly time seems to pass. Seems like only a couple of weeks, since I was in North Dakota. I dont know where to begin to tell you about what’s happened between then and now. The Stew Wagon and I have made trips to Oklahoma and Wyoming, and to the top of Jones Pass. There’s more travel on the agenda, now that the holidays are over. I also have a Big Surprise! I know you’ll be astonished, and excited for me. Now, though, it has to wait, because I need to get pics.

The most powerful thing that happened, was the death of my mother. Details arent needed here. I just think that you need to know, so that you can understand why my silence was so long. It was on the day after Thanksgiving. I drove down to be with her, and stayed until she was gone. As you may imagine, my mind wasnt on photography, although I did take one pic, when I woke up Saturday morning. It’s the one you see above.

After Mom’s last breath, I closed her eyes, kissed her one last time, and called the nurses in. There were some documents to sign, and a couple of other things to do. When they were taken care of, I gathered my things, went out to the Stew Wagon and started home, driving until I had to sleep. The photo you see, is where I woke up. For me, there is not a better place to awaken, than parked on the edge of a corn field, with cattle all around.

Since then, I’ve been kind of collecting myself. It’s only been in the past few days, that I’ve begun to feel some way towards normal. I dont know what’s on the path from here, but it wont be the same.

Thanks for following. Till next time, Keep your Go on.

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