A Pretty Good Day, and an Evening on South Pearl.

The truth is, today started out pretty rough. While I have no explanation, I began the day feeling anxious, and a little depressed. That changed pretty quickly, though, once I got out and started moving around. Open space always seems to make me feel better.

One thing that made a difference was that I had a couple of ideas about how to garner some cash flow. I’ll tell you more about those at a different time. Just know that it relieves a little stress.

Another thing that helped was a reminder from a friend that things are more accessible than they seem. Not everything revolves around dollars.

This evening, I met up with a really beautiful young woman named Kitty, who owns a company currently called, Crimson Rose Corsetry & Couture. It was a thoroughly enjoyable time, and she agreed to do an interview with me, next week. (Watch for that here, and on YouTube.) A couple of other things came up, which may turn into future projects. That’s very exciting to me.

Finally, I did a little photography on South Pearl Street. Kitty and I had met at Stella’s Gourmet Coffee and Such. (Evidently, there is no website, but there is a Facebook page, so I linked to that.) Afterward, I decided to do a little shooting, before the light went completely away. Here are a few shots that I did.

NOTE to the Walking Girls:  I’m sorry, but the shot was beyond abstract, so I couldnt use it. However, if you’d like to meet up down there, or somewhere else, sometime, I’d love to work with you, either as a group or individually. No fee. I just think it would be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Drop me a note on the Contact page, if you’re interested.

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