My Favorite New Discovery

As a kind of photojournalist, one of my goals is to provide my readers with the best photos I can. There’s always something to shoot, but to make the best image takes more work than to simply take a snapshot.

So, you might imagine how exciting it was for me to find out that my Roku has a channel called, The Great Courses Plus . At the low cost of a FREE 30 Day Trial, I have been able to study with some of the finest photographers from National Geographic Magazine. I’ve binged on Fundamentals of Photography I & II, The Art of Travel Photography (click here), and Masters of Photography (here).

Both of the Fundamentals courses, and Art of Travel Photography, are taught by Joel Sartore, who is known internationally, not only for his NatGeo work, but also for his efforts to make people aware of the vanishing species around the world, and the role of zoos in the preservation effort.

Masters of Photography is a series of lectures by Joel, and other NatGeo photographers. Although it is less technically educational, these photographers share their individual thoughts, ethics, and philosophies about what it takes to be a “good” photographer. They all are humble, and very approachable, as they present their works, and the stories behind them.

While this may seem like a sales pitch, the truth is, I just like to share a good thing when I find it. At a cost of FREE for 30 Days, and just $19.99 after that, this channel is one of the greatest bargains I’ve ever found. (Currently, I’m studying the history of King Arthur.) If you enjoy learning, this will be a boon to you.

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