Weekend in the West – Quick Draw

Evergreen Fine Art Gallery

On the property of Evergreen Fine Art Gallery,  June 25, 2016

If you aren’t familiar with the term Quick Draw, as it relates to art, here’s a little explanation. A group of artists are given a specific amount of time, generally about two hours, to produce a piece of art. Afterward, there’s usually an auction of some sort, where these new pieces are sold.

These are always fun and educational, because they’re done in public view. Spectators are free to wander around and observe the different styles and techniques employed by the working artists.

Kelli Folsom and Jie Wei Zhou

This one was being held to raise funds for a local charity, named Bootstraps, which provides financial help with the rising costs of a university or college education.

Artists are free to use models, if they wish.
Ron Hicks chose something more traditional.


Sometimes, the spectators are as interesting as the artists.



For me, the most enjoyable thing is to simply meander through the area, camera in hand, and capture things as they happen.

What a great day, I had. If you plan to be on the Evergreen area, you really should make time to visit Evergreen Fine Art Gallery. It’s a world class gallery, set in a lovely, mountain village. I’m certain that you’ll find something to love.

Thanks again, to Doug and all the rest of the people there, for making it such a marvelous experience.

There are many more photos, which will be available as a slideshow, very soon, on YouTube. Just look for VagabondStew. (Please, Like and Share!)


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