Colorado Latino Festival

Colorado Latino Festival – Longmont, Colorado – June 26, 2016

Whenever I see the words Latino and Festival in the same context, I get excited. Why? Because those words mean things are going to get interesting. You can bet your hat on it. There will be bright colors, cheerful music, beautiful women and fabulous food. What’s not to get excited about?



So, I was not disappointed. The streets were crowded. People ambled about, checking out the booths of the various vendors. Everywhere you looked, there was something to see. Food trucks, bands on stage, dancers on the street, and bright sunshine made it a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon.







In the literal middle of it all were the classic and custom automobiles. Splendid and surreal, as they sparkled in the sunlight, they represented a part of the Latino culture that spans generations. Young men, their fathers, even grandfathers all can share the appreciation for a well customized, or restored, piece of machinery.



What would a street festival be without music? This was certainly not going to be an exception. With three stages, at a given time, one could hear traditional music from Mexico or Puerto Rico, alongside more modern strains of contemporary jazz, hip-hop, or reggaeton.

In all, it was an excellent day. My spirits were lifted and my senses were satisfied with the spectacle of it all. My only complaint was that it didnt last into the night, ending at seven o’clock. A later start time, allowing things to continue after dark, might have made it an even better experience. But what do I know? I’m just a guy with a blog and a camera. I certainly wasnt disappointed.



Viva los Latinos!



There are lots more images to share, and I’m putting them into a video, which you’ll be able to view on YouTube soon. Keep checking back here, or there, for the latest.

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