ASLD Art Market

The Art Students League of Denver is an independent art school, serving the Colorado community since the 1980s. Every year, it hosts an art market that covers several blocks. It not only includes art, produced by local artists, there’s music and food, as well. It’s a street festival, to celebrate creativity.


As I sit here, now, I realize that I didnt approach this “assignment” as I should have. I got all wrapped up in people watching, and conversing with my artist friends, and I completely forgot to think about you, and what you might be interested in.

The League resides in an old, sandstone schoolhouse, designed by Henry Dozier, and has for many years. Classes are taught by well known artists, like Kim English, Doug Dawson, and Molly Davis. I could have done a few shots of the building, at the very least.


Across the street from the League, as a community garden, which is indicative of the Denver vibe. People like to work together here.

Honestly, I was too passive about things. There was ample opportunity to shoot some of this wonderful art. I talked with Ed Sirokman, Michael Untiedt, Pixie Glore, both Tracy Wall and Tracy Haines, and others. Some artists were busy with clients, or away from their booths, but truthfully, I just didnt ask.

I did pick up a nice little mug, which I immediately knew was my new Wine Mug. The artist is Karen Lecocq Bailey. She had lots of nice work available. Karen works out of Dillon, Colorado. If you’d like to contact her about her work, you can email her at


So, consider it a learning experience. I’ll know better next time. In the meanwhile, here are some photos that I did. They dont tell much of a story, but they’re here, nonetheless.


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