When the Rainbow Came Down

When I was a young boy, I had a very close friend, and we used to spend nights at each other’s houses. We’d play and romp, as boys always do, laughing and talking, despite the parents threats and orders to “settle down”.

One Friday night, I had stayed at his house, and he woke up before me. Shaking me, and quietly calling my name, he said, “Come see this!” I stretched, still groggy from some interrupted dream, and stumbled across the room, where he was lying on the bed looking out the window.

At first, I didnt know what he was looking at, then I began to see. A blanket of dew had been laid across the lawn, and the sun was shining at just the right angle to turn all of those tiny dew drops into bright, prismatic diamonds. We pointed out different colors to one another – “Look at that blue one!” “Oh! That one’s so orange!” – until his mom called from the kitchen that breakfast was on the table.

In all my traveling around, I’ve never again seen a lawn, so bedazzled as that.

So, what’s your story? Was there a day that you saw something so beautiful that it remains in your mind, still glorious?

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