Idea Overload

It’s been a while since I posted, and there are a couple of reasons for that. One is that I’ve been staying very busy. Another is that my mind has been so scrambled, with activity and unforeseen problems, that I’ve had trouble keeping my thoughts together.

Another thing, though, is that I’ve had a lot of input from others, about things that I can do to earn money on the road. Most of them are valid, but I’ve been so busy that I simply havent taken time to sort them all out. Here’s a list…

Write Ebooks – I’ve already mentioned this. At this moment, there are five or six books waiting to be written. If I work on them all at once, none will get done. So, I have to decide which comes first.

Make Stuff – As an artist, this appeals to me, immediately. One idea is to harvest leather from old couches and chairs, and turn it into bags. Another, is to make jewelry out of fancy wire.

Sell Paintings, Drawings, and Photos – This is a given, for someone like me. Once on the road, I’ll be doing all these things, anyway. There’s no reason I cant turn it into an income stream.

Along that line, a photographer friend shared an app with me, that will help me sell photos from my phone. If that works out, it could be a big plus. I’ll be in a lot of unique places, where photo ops will be plentiful.

Do Wine Tastings – Well, du-uh! As a WA with Wines for Humanity, it’s a no-brainer to do this wherever I can. Not only will it provide a little income for me, but will help local charities, as well.  Last year, I was able to raise enough funds to provide almost 10,000 meals for families needing help. That’s a great option for on-the-road earning.

Teach Classes – What I like about this idea, is that I can do it almost everywhere. I’m a good teacher, and there are a lot of things that I can teach on. The first thing is to make a list of them, and start putting some curricula together.

There have been a few other suggestions, as well, but these are the ones I think will work best to get me started.

One of the things that I’d love to do, is to write while I travel. The thing is, I dont have a resumé. I published a bunch of poetry, online, back in the 90s, but that wont go far in today’s market.

If you have any suggestions, or connections, I’d be happy for the help.

In the meanwhile, dont forget to “Like” the VagabondStew page on Facebook. Also, stay tuned to the VagabondStew channel on YouTube.

Thanks for keeping up. See you soon.

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