Two and a Half Weeks to Launch

In case you’re wondering, that’s a Box Elder Beetle, perched atop a milkweed pod.

Sometimes, it’s as important to focus on the small things, as well as the big picture. I’m as guilty as the next person, of getting so involved with the whole giant world, that I forget to notice what’s right in front of me.

Whether it’s a good thing or not, I suppose, depends on your personal perspective. My own view is that balance is required in almost everything. We need both humor and tragedy. This idea is as old as Theater. We need warm and cold, darkness and light, isolation and company.

Lately, I’ve had little of that. My days begin with work, and continue that way until late into the night. That isnt to say that I’m not enjoying myself. Working toward something that is important to me, makes it seem less like work.

What am I doing? Well, I’ve founded a new networking group on, called Networking for Newbies. I’m doing a lot of Mystery Shopping. Two different ways of making money on the road are in the development stages, and I’ve started writing three ebooks, for’s Kindle.

While most of these wont begin to bear fruit for several months, they’re what I’m hanging my hat on, right now.

With a target date of April 21st, things are coming down to the wire for the first trip. That’s the day I’ll pull up stakes and head for Bartlesville, Ok. From there, I’ll be boondocking my way through the panhandle and Kansas. I have an artist friend in Witchita, who has promised me a tour of her gallery and studio. Also, I intend to visit Wooloroc. It’s probably the best kept secret in this country, when it comes to art. Frank Phillips amassed a marvelous collection, and it’s on display for $12.

Thanks for following.





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