It’s January in Colorado, and one thing you can always count on is geese. Canada Geese, to be precise. They are always here, of course, but in January they become very active, flying across the sky in their familiar V formations. Sometimes, you’ll see them in small groups, like this. Other times, though, they fill the sky by the thousands, honking and flapping; wave after wave of them stretching to the horizons. Whether you like them or not (and a lot of people dont), they are awe inspiring if for no other reason than their sheer numbers.

So, the past week was productive. Having this blog set up, I decided to do the YouTube channel, and uploaded the first video.. That was a little bit challenging, but it’s up and running. I’ll put a link at the bottom of the page. I also got Twitter (@vagabondstew) and Instagram (vagabond.don) going.  So, there are several ways for you to follow.

I did some work to get the Stew Wagon more organized. I’m anxious to take it on an overnighter, but the main drawback is heat. It’s still cold up here on these winter nights, and colder in the mountains. So, I’m considering some kind of portable heater. There are a lot of options, but it’s an Explorer, not an RV or a tent. In any case, I have to solve that issue soon.

—====\\—| * |—//====—


Then, there was this surprising find, yesterday. I’d gone to meet a friend at Loftea, a local coffee shop, and on the way back to the Stew Wagon, I saw this little pouch lying in the street. At first, I thought it was just street trash, but when I got closer, it became obvious that it was something valuable. The nearest business was a hotel, so I figured I’d take it to the desk and leave it, in case someone came looking for it. Well, you can see, I didnt do that, but the reason isnt because I liked the knife so much.

Before I took it into the hotel, I decided it would be good to know what was inside. SURPRISE!! Along with this fancy knife was a not so fancy mini-straw, a bag of crack and a bag of vintage style refined cocaine. (I thought about posting photos, but didnt want to post “evidence” online.) How cool would it have been, if I hadnt checked first. Imagine, when the desk clerk unzipped it and all that junk fell out. There I’d be, on camera, asking them to deliver drugs to some “unknown” person, who might show up later. Right!

So, I flushed the dope and repurposed the knife and pouch. They are now parts of a tiny Emergency Pouch, which includes the knife, an Emergency Charger for electronic devices, and a full size plastic grocery bag. That’s all that will fit into the thing, and I may swap the knife for a lighter.

That’s it for today. Dont forget to visit the YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.


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